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We are a conduit for finding ”tools”, games, apps, etc., and connecting athletes and educators as information experts. We are a non-traditional accelerator, that connects' investors, with innovators and start-up companies via our events, and web series. The web series "eSports Business Accelerator esi Pitch" launched September 2, 2017.


About Us


esi Pitch is our presentation event where our innovators/companies present live and are video taped.


eSports Business Accelerator is our non-traditional accelerator which showcases and assist innovative individuals and developing companies. We provide a platform to support, mentor and assist in a variety of ways, understanding that every project is unique.


Our Web Series mission and purpose is to focus on the innovators and provide a platform to connect innovators and companies with investors and strategic partners.



OUR PARENT COMPANY, owned and operated by professional athletes, coaches and sports experts since 1998. aligns professional athletes and educators with the technology sector focused on eSports (gaming), mobile apps, VR and other forms of technology. has three distinct units:


  • The eSports Business Accelerator which host eSi Pitch events, and helps' companies.

  • The Instructional Toolbox which connects developers and experts in education, professional athletes, and others to develop tools for instruction using eSports gaming elements.

  • The eSports Competition’s Unit which will host eSports events and work within the eSports Industry.


CEO & Co-Founder Reginald ”Reggie” Grant, MSEd, entrepreneur, educator and former New York Jet.


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