Koachfilm – $ 500,000, Koachfilm is a mobile app that allows users to provide or receive individual and visual feedback on a task. HQ Salt Lake City, UT 


People mistakenly think that the harder you work the more successful you will be. Koachfilm was build to the idea that it is not hard work but expert and individualized mentorship, instruction coupled with deliberate practice that brings success and accomplishment. Constant and specific feedback on performance is the key to learning and the road to perfection. Koachfilm is a mobile app that allows users to provide or receive individual and visual feedback on a task: whether it's a football coach providing feedback on player positioning, a basketball coach reviewing the plays to the game, an e-sports player strategizing with team-mates or a dance choreographer coaching the dance team - learning is much faster and more deliberate when it is based on visual instructions. Koachfilm aims to create a social network of coach-learner relationships across hundreds of principles - so those learning a task will have access to subject matter experts - no matter where in the world. 


Miklos (Miku) Kremser is an MBA with 16 years of professional experience in marketing and market research. He is a Hungarian 3rd division champion in soccer and also a 3-time national club champion with Brigham Young University's men's soccer team. Miku coached soccer across several age groups (from 6-year old to college) - and won the Iowa 3rd division state championship with Central College in 2012. The idea of Koachfilm came during a decade-long coaching career - realizing that individual, detailed, specific and visual feedback to players accelerated their skill acquisition significantly. 

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