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Jabari Mathieu​

New video online January 19, 2018

Social Fit is a headphone communication company. Social Fit was designed to bridge the gap between working out, music, and communication. Currently, when working out with others, we have a problem combining these three things because, generally, we cannot workout, listen to music, and communicate at the same time.  However, with Social Fit ’s product, that problem is resolved.  


The product, designed by Mr. Mathieu, solves the problem because it allows individuals to workout together, listen to music, and communicate effectively. The product is a wireless headphone equipped with a “push to talk interface button” which allows the caller and receiver to communicate, while listening to music, without removing their headphones. 


The product is a regular wireless headphone device, equipped with a button on the side for a push to talk interface.  This feature allows users to communicate with other users while each user is listening to their selected music. For example, while listening to music, Person A will be able to talk with Person B by pushing the interface button.  When Person A pushes and holds the interface button, Person B’s music will pause and be replaced by Person A’s voice, and the parties will talk.  When the conversation ends, Person A will release the interface button, each party’s music resumes; and vice versa. 


Social Fit’s product falls within the category of electronics, music, communicating, and exercising.  This is an innovative product because the parties do not have to take off their headphones to talk to their partner while exercising.  The interface button has outstanding benefits and is the key selling point of this product.    

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