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JoAnn Corso​

Naqi Logic’s has developed the world's first patented framework for a thought-control and micro-gestural operating system.


CORPORATE OVERVIEW: Naqi Logic’s patented logic processes focus on either true thought-controlled (via EEG) or micro-gestural framework and equipment (via Naqi Earbud) that allows users to control computers, IoT devices or communicate with each other in a completely covert manner. Our formal patent outlining the Naqi Framework was awarded in August 2016 and our provisional patent for our Naqi Earbud hardware was submitted in January 2017. With our unique and exotic IP, users will communicate non-verbally with anyone, anywhere in the world, or control a computer system anywhere in the world—even if you’re nowhere near the computer and without need to view a monitor... Hands-free, voice-free and covert.


PRESENTER OVERVIEW: David Segal is an experienced high-tech executive and entrepreneur who accomplished many “first” milestones within America´s distance learning and thought-controlled computing markets.

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