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Michael A. Reddick, CEO, former NFL Raider

EACL is a gaming partner with a difference. We are a team of interdependent social entrepreneurs who believe that making a difference and earning a living doesn’t need to be mutually exclusive. We take a holistic approach to investing and entrepreneurship, offering opportunities for investors to make money while helping the broader community. CEO former Raider Michael Reddick.

"EACL" Esports  Armature Competition League launches new platform to develop amateur gamers (eSports) enthusiast for the pro ranks.

eSports Amateur Competitors League (EACL) offers gamers access to online tournaments with a genuine opportunity to win big and maybe even one day make the pros. The EACL exists to bridge this gap. Through EACL’s unique platform they offer gamers the opportunity to become prize-winning amateurs that have a shot at one day going pro. They will host a huge range of tournaments that offer players a genuine chance to take home prize money, and win college scholarships, while building up their verifiable hours. And, at the same time, gamers can feel good knowing that they’re helping the broader community at the same time, thanks to our fundraising platform that sees select non-profit organizations receiving commission from the tournaments, fundraising over $38000 each year for each nonprofit at no cost to the nonprofit.

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