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Jelani Jenkins AIF 072621.jpg
Jelani Jenkins AIF 072621.jpg

Jelani Jenkins

Founder & CEO , Post Season

Jelani Jenkins is a former NFL linebacker and now Mindset coach. After completing 5 years in the National Football League, he launched Postseason, a platform dedicated to helping athletes thrive off of the field. His style of coaching is built on two key principles: Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery. He specializes in helping his clients become aware of their unconscious limitations so that they can eliminate them and perform at their best. Since 2014, Jelani has also organized and hosted five summer sports camps designed to help the next generation of athletes create the life and career of their dreams.

POST SEASON is a coaching platform and private community dedicated to helping athletes thrive off of the field. Current and Former athletes (primarily on the collegiate and professional level) join Postseason and immediately get access to online courses like the “Athlete Purpose Playbook", weekly coaching calls for additional support and a community hub that hosts events, discussions, etc.

Chris Ward

President, LA Chapter NFLPA (former players)

Chris Ward is the president of the Los Angeles Chapter of NFL Players Assn. and president of the nonprofit arm the Pro Players of North America. He is a serial entrepreneur, financial consultant, and minister. An NFL alumnus, former 1st round draft pick of the New York Jets, and former All-pro NFL.

About Pro Players North America / Los Angeles Chapter NFL Players Assn.

The Los Angeles Chapter NFL Players Assn. works with and supports all of the retired NFL players in the region. The Pro Players North America is a nonprofit that serves the youth and underserved in the Los Angeles area. Providing educational support, food, and sports activities. The Pro Players North America will be hosting several amazing events during the week leading up to the Super Bowl in Los Angeles in 2022.

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Reginald Grant

CEO, eSportsInstruction/eSiPitch and

Business Development Retired NFL Players Congress

Reginald consults with CEOs, and start-up companies to help them develop revenues, cultures of success, and position them to raise capital. Using our eSports Instruction, eSiPitch, and non-traditional Business Accelerator platforms.

He serves on several boards, the board of directors of the (UOBAA) the University of Oregon Black Alumni Association, the (NAAAA) National Alliance of African American Athletes which presents the “Watkins Award”, OWACCA a Christian basketball league in Los Angeles, and, Powers, Inc. which serves youth and women, in Los Angeles. He is also a former New York Jet and played in the CFL before signing a contract with the Miami Dolphins. He attended the University of Oregon and received his master’s in education from the University of Southwest.  


Retired NFL Players Congress, I work with the Retired NFL Players Congress on the development of strategic partnerships and new business opportunities. The Retired NFL Players Congress is the largest manufacturer of licensed jackets in the USA, manufacturing for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHA, Fanatics, Disney, and more. Co-founder,, a company focused on the conversion of eSports (Gamification), in Sports and Education. Build with the firm belief that in today’s technology-driven society that "thoughts and ideas are the most valuable commodity on the planet." “Intellectual Property”,


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Robert Griffith

Managing Partner, Matador Enterprises

NFL Alum | Managing Partner at Matador Enterprises | Founder at XOOX | Chairman Robert Griffith Foundation

Former college walk-on and undrafted rookie turned team captain and NFL ALL-PRO of 13 seasons. During my time in uniform, I was voted by the NFL players to a 10 member Executive Committee cabinet position. There we successfully represented the players in 5 collective bargaining agreements(CBA). Following my playing career, I got actively involved in several sectors of business as an executive and investor. I am an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated successful history of working in data, licensing, gaming, and wellness alternatives. Proud graduate of San Diego State University School of Engineering. Most importantly deeply passionate about my foundation which has provided college scholarships to high school seniors across America for 24 years and counting.

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Robert Griffith AIF 072621.jpg

Additional Presenting Companies

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Paul Kacir



RVnGO believes in bringing people closer together and we’re doing it with the world’s first free person-to-person platform for RV rentals, sort of like Airbnb for RVs. We own the insurance product for insuring the RV rental and we make our money from that, and it allows us to make the platform completely free, compared to other platforms that charge more than 30% in fees because they don’t own the insurance. This has reduced the friction of RV owners listing their RVs for rent to zero and we have the best selection of RVs for rent by owners directly. At the same time, we are having explosive traffic growth from Guests looking to rent RVs, our organic traffic is up 90X since May 1, 2021 and over 900% since September 1, 2021, while competing platforms have been at the same traffic levels for the last 2 years.


RVnGO was founded by Paul Kacir. Paul has over 20 years’ experience with growing technology companies, recently being the vice-president and general counsel of First Solar, Inc. (FSLR and S&P 500 at the time) a leading thin-film solar panel manufacturer headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Paul lead First Solar’s IPO which was the most successful IPO between Google and Alibaba. He also led a couple of technology start-up companies.  Prior to First Solar, Paul was general counsel for Creo Inc., British Columbia’s largest tech company (NASDAQ and TSX 300) and lead their strategic merger with Kodak, which netted a 300% return to shareholders in less than six months. Prior to joining Creo, Paul was a mergers & acquisitions and securities lawyer for Lang Michener, a leading Canadian law firm. Paul has a Bachelor of Economics from the University of Western Ontario, a law degree from the University of New Brunswick and a Master’s in Business Administration from the University of British Columbia.

john matthews head.jpg

John Matthews

CEO, Prothymos Technologies 

John Matthews is the Founder/CEO of Prothymos Technologies. An innovative, serial entrepreneur with a background in systems creation.  With experience in product development and manufacturing, he is the Visionary behind the BARRAGE as well as an app featured on both Apple Store and Google Play.  Growing up John was fascinated with how things work, so he spent a great portion of his academic life studying electronics and computer repair.  He most recently completed both the Conscious Venture Labs Business Accelerator in Baltimore, MD and his studies in Fintech from HarvardX.  In his spare time, John enjoys playing video games, finding new challengers in chess, studying theology, and writing and producing stage plays.


Prothymos Technologies is a software and hardware development studio and we are in the business of manufacturing innovative and immersive technology that makes life more enjoyable.  Our featured product line is a truly game changing technology.  This technology is a fully "Patented" VR compatible, full immersive experience, that will truly pull you into your VIDEO GAME or MOVIE like never before without you having to ever get up from your seat.  We call it the BARRAGE.  The BARRAGE is the first 4D immersive experience, so compact that you can take it with you wherever you go.  The BARRAGE simulates temperatures, actions/impact, ambient lighting and aromas to take users deep into there entertainment experience, and this is just the beginning...

The BARRAGE is our patented technology concept for an Interactive Video Gaming Cushion that wraps around the waist of the gamer to help prevent the various injuries that can be linked to immersive game play. Comprised of a foam padding to absorb muscular strain off the body of the gamer following prolonged hours of play.  In addition the BARRAGE is a game changer because it allows the player to finally be able to feel the directional and situational actions taking place in the game through what we have termed as the ACTION PADS.  The BARRAGE uses haptic or tactile feedback technology to give off RUMBLE REACTIONS simulating the actual ACTIONS taking place in the video game.  As the gamer’s character gets hit, whether it be to the left, right, front, or back, the GAMER feels it through the pads on the BARRAGE . We utilize separate actuators which are strategically placed around the gamer’s waste which will RUMBLE in response to the action taking place in the game while at the same time promoting ergonomic support. Hence our slogan, “Feel the Game, Without the Pain.” This technology is transformational because never before have gamers been able to experience their games physically on a multi-angular level in such a compact way.

The BARRAGE Features:

1. 360 degree Impact Simulation

2. Hot/Cold In Game Temperature Simulation

3. Ergonomic Support

4. Works with other media (movies, sports games, television)


1. Quickens gamer response time

2. More immersive gaming experience

3. Ergonomic Design- users rest on the device, putting less pressure on the body



Millicent Bolden.jpg

Millicent Bolden

CEO, Yvette's Kitchen. LLC. 

Millicent Bolden is CEO and founder of Yvette’s Kitchen LLC. which was founded in 2018 but I’ve been making “Sugoi Sauce for over 20 years. I suffered from acid reflux and got sick and tired of eating at restaurants that left me impacted with digestive issues lasting for weeks. Clemson University tested Sugoi sauce and the Turkey version is a low acid sauce and I have a gluten-free version as well. 

Yvette’s Kitchen LLC.

Sales to date this year have been growing this year. I decided to quit my job back in October 2020 and never looked back. I’ve used my personal savings to buy everything I have accumulated so far. I didn’t start running until March of this year. I cater on the side to customers who have challenges with their love for spaghetti and I make gourmet Turkey burgers and beef burgers delivering to my customers weekly.  I charge $9 for both versions and  My pineapple lemonade is a hit with so many of my customers too. I make it in a 16-ounce bottle for $3. 

My goals are to grow our staff with marketing, delivery and to have a co-packer for manufacturing my famous sauce world wide. and do more e-commerce. I am registered on Amazon Reggie but need help getting my website to acknowledge it. Sending you a head shot shortly.

Additional  Companies

mariteajuana 3.jpg

Da'Shonda Reid

CEO, co-founder, MariTeaJuana LLC 


Da’Shonda Reid is a highly experienced paralegal with over 16 years of experience in her sector. She has experience in civil filings, divorce filings, bankruptcy, torts, and intellectual property filings. Da’Shonda previously worked as a Mortgage Loan Auditor from 2020-2021, providing her with a great sense of detail especially with regards to operations and financial management. Not one to shy away from helping those in need, Da’Shonda was a House Manager / Drug & Alcohol Counselor for Hathaway House from 2019-2020. She was responsible for managing the facility while providing emotional support to every patient.

Da’Shonda also brings expertise in logistics, payroll, and billing having worked for UPS, Brightview Landscaping, and Alta Resources. Other key highlights from her career include working as a Bid Coordinator for Hightower Petroleum, a Clerk for Gilligan Oil Company, and even in customer service with AAA. With such a diverse and strong background in various industries, Da’Shonda is clearly the perfect candidate to execute the Company’s long-term growth plans.

MariTeaJuana LLC Overview

MariTeaJuana LLC sells delicious, organic, and all-natural marijuana-infused tea to customers throughout California. Founded in 2015, MariTeaJuana has never wavered from its commitment to produce each batch by hand using only the highest quality ingredients available on the market. From carefully purified water and premium cuts of marijuana to freshly picked fruit, MariTeaJuana seeks to become the premier tea brand for discerning marijuana enthusiasts in California and beyond.

As of 2021, MariTeaJuana has already developed four individual SKUs for its customer base. This includes thirst-quenching flavors such as French Vanilla, Raspberry Lemon, Ginger Lemon, and Peach Lemon. MariTeaJuana is also fully licensed to sell these products in California. Currently available through the Company’s website, MariTeaJuana aims to rapidly expand sales via e-commerce and through wholesale partnerships with dispensaries and nursing care facilities

Trevor Polinsky.png

Trevor Polinsky 

Trevor has an extensive background in alchemical formulations and has had the honor of learning from some of the best alchemists currently alive. Combining this with his understanding of business, passion, and drive has resulted in the formation of this revolutionary company.


Soular is the rebrand of the company previously known as Inlightened Alchemy. 

In the vacuum of space, light does not technically exist, but is rather instantaneously transmitted from generator (star) to receiver (planet). Just like the molecular clouds that gravitationally collapsed under their own mass to give birth to our solar system, our team, the formulations we produce, and its impact on the greater community has grown into something much more significant than we could have imagined, and thus we have evolved from a transmission, to a generator. The amount of light we are generating has increased so vastly, we have become a star, and thus, Inlightened Alchemy has become Soular

Yani head.jpg

Yani Deros

CEO, Cirqplus 

An Innovation leader and visionary with 26+ years of experience developing advanced product solutions for start-ups and global corporations. Yani has built from the ground up an internationally recognized and honored product innovation firm specializing in the commercial­ization of emerging technologies. He has been the nucleus of many extraordinary development programs for some of the largest brands in the world providing creative vision and a sound philosophy that has delivered market-altering results across a wide range of industries.

Additionally, Yani has played an instrumental role in helping companies raise over $120 million in venture capital. His creativity has been honored with numerous international product design / innovation awards in addition to over 65 U.S. and international patents received to date.

CIRQ+ is an industry first intelligent platform that has been developed to meet the demanding market dynamics for properties and Brands within hospitality. Whether it is creating a unique + memorable engagement for guests to build loyalty, to conveniently managing energy room-wide with the latest IoT connectivity, or driving new revenue channels for each property, it is all working in unison to increase profits and sustainability for the business owners.

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