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2019 Boston Speakers


Friday, June 21, 2019

Conference Topics 10:00 - 3:00

The Financial Impact of Sports on Society

The Social Impact of Sports

Amateur Sports Impact and Pitfalls

Pro Sports the Changing Dynamic

eSports a New Player in the landscape

Sports for Societies Benefit


eSi Business Pitch event 

3:00 - 4:30

Business Networking Friday Night

5:00 - 7:30

Saturday, June 22, 2019,

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

1. Special Guest - Richard D. Yeargin III, 2x National Champ with Clemson 

2. Michael Kostoff, Eligibility Expert

Win All Four - A presentation about the academic requirements for NCAA eligibility to win that college scholarship.

More, including An in-depth look a the SAT and ACT College Admissions Exam

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Dan Lebowitz 2.png

Dan Lebowitz has served as the Executive Director of the Center for the Study of Sport in Society since October of 2008. He is the third executive director in the Center’s 30+ year history. 

Executive Director

Dan Lebowitz

. Everett Pearsall.png

The NAAAA is the presenter of the "Watkins Award" the premier award in the nation for African-American Male High School scholar -athletes for the past 28 years.

Executive Director

National Alliance of African-American Athletes 

J. Everett Pearsall,

Jeffrey Santos Lopes, MPA.png

Community Initiative Liaison

Boston Police Department, Bureau of Community Engagement

Boston Police Officer

Jeffrey Santos Lopes, MPA

Win Great stuff, like the New Book by Cedrick Watkins

A Legacy of Giving:

The Franklin D. Watkins Story.

Reginald Grant.png

A former NFL New York Jet and retired English teacher with 30 years of business development experience.


Corporate Relations, Retired NFL Players Congress

Reginald Grant,MS Ed

chad jones.png

I represent former NFL players that have suffered neuro-cognitive impairment as a result of repetitive brain trauma. 

NFL Concussion Attorney

Chad Jones, Esq.

Michael Kostoff.png

Michael Kostoff, M.A. Ed. has coached football at the high school and college level since 1990.

NCAA Eligability Expert

Michael Kostoff, MS Ed

Lisa Markland.png

Director of Training

Lisa Markland

At the Center for the Study of Sport in Society where she develops curriculum and leads training for the Center’s local, regional, national, and international partners

Jim Sugarman.png

CEO 4GenNow

Jim Sugarman

Connecting 4 Generations of Entrepreneurs. 4GenNow is a LinkedIn community with anew economic empowerment model to create and fund startups.

Jeanell Ridley.png

Boston Public Schools

Janelle Ridley

Working  to reverse the school-to-prison pipeline and ensure all youth have access to educational equity,

Chad Coleman.png

Highly regarded actor Chad Coleman states "The joy of acting comes from the joy of reading. Founder of Chad's Fighting Chance a non-profit helping youth.

Chad Coleman

Mary Gardner.png

A nationally recognized speaker and public speaking coach, she often works' with celebrities and athletes. 

Speech Coach & Keynote Speaker

Mary Gardner

Dr Paul Ruffin.png

A nationally recognized tech-expert and advocate for small business and opportunities for veterans.

CEO, ECI Netorks

Dr. Paul Ruffin

Bob Grant 2.png

Super Bowl Champion Bob Grant is one of the founders and Chairman of the Board for the Retired NFL players Congress. A for-profit business with a license with the NFL.

Chairman, Retired NFL Players Congress

Bob Grant

Richard_D._Yeargin_III head_round1.png

He is working on his master’s degree in Healthcare Administration at Boston College, with the goal of playing in the NFL after this season.

2x National Champ with Clemson,

Boston College Football

Richard D. Yeargin III 

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